Thursday, February 24, 2005

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Her legs twitched and her back arched rigidly as I felt her orgasm bbw mpeg mpg piss over her. I leaned in and hungrily kissed her as she came, her tongue furiously thrusting down my throat over and over...........

I felt her relax,and I felt so happy that I starting a pee wee cheer squad was able to get our trip off to a good start. I leaned back and started to relax when Michelle did something that surprised the shit out of me.....

She quickly sat up and moved her head down to my lap. She pulled off the blanket and swallowed my still swollen cock whole. The feeling was incredible her soft mouth and tongue dancing along my shaft and head, peeping tom storys way her fingers worked my balls......then she started to deep-throat me. It was all I could do to keep quiet and pee dee rivers struggled vainly as she worked me over. I watched her head go up and down, over and over.....she would take me a bit deeper down her throat with each thrust. I couldn't take it anymore......

I held her head by her hair as I exploded down her throat.....she took it all without missing a drop, then licked me clean. She carefully put my spent cock back in my shorts and zipped up my shorts. Our eyes met and I took her cheeks in my hands and gently kissed her. We sat there gazing at each other until the announcement that we were beginning our descent was made. We chuckled at the joke as the attendant came around with a garbage bag and collected the trash I wondered what was in store for us when we landed.....

As we descended into Montego Bay, we both stared out of the window and took in the turquoise waters, the white, sandy beaches, and the colorful wind surfers. We could feel the heat through the window, and knew that we had to be careful of sun exposure down here. It wouldn't do to get roasted our first day, then be in too much pain to do anything for the rest of the trip.

We deplaned, went through customs, and found our contact person free pissing pictures for Sandal's Resorts. I had dave chappell pee on you the Sandal's in Montego Bay for us to stay at because of it's proximity to the airport it was only 15 minutes away and the friendliness of peeing girls the employees. Although I felt the Sandal's in Dunn's River was a nicer place, the two-hour drive over rough roads and the less-than friendly people that worked the resort made up my mind for me.

About an hour later, we were in our room, a suite near the beach. It had sliding doors that lead out to an amazing view of the ocean, and the colorful, fragrant gardens that surrounded the place. It was about 4 in the afternoon, but the sun was still burning hot.

We stowed our clothes and checked out the room. I closed the curtains to the doors, and told Michelle that we should put on sunblock before we go out to explore the resort. I pulled out a bottle of Banana Boat and set girls piss shit on the dresser, then took off my clothes. Michelle did the same and sat on the edge of the bed with a sweet smile on her sexy face........

I squirted a bunch of lotion in my hand and grabbed pee and thumbnails ankle with the other. I set her foot in my lap and slowly worked the lotion all over her calf and knee. I got more lotion and now worked it up her thigh.........My erection was getting harder just by the touch of her warm, slick flesh in my hands. I gently set her leg down and grabbed the other. I did the same thing to this leg, only I lingered when my hands got up to her inner, upper thigh region..........

She shifted her position so pee pee patches she was now leaning back on her elbows, her legs were spread wide apart, inviting me in.......

I coolly kept to the task at hand, and finished up her legs. I moved up so that I was on my knees in between her thighs, and poured more lotion directly on her chest. She squealed when the chilled lotion came in contact with her ample, round tits. I took great pleasure golden shovers pissing the lotion into the flesh of those sweet breasts, kneading and playing with them as I did so. free gay boys pissing bog moved one of my knees so that it was in contact with her slick, dripping pussy. I could feel her trying to rub against it as I worked the lotion along the curves of her sides and neck.......

I told her to roll over, that I had to do her back next. She complied and lay flat on her stomach, those sexy legs of panties pissen still spread apart on each side of me. I squirted lotion all over her lower back and her sexy ass. I made sure to make a point of getting the lotion in along the crack of her ass......

I worked the lotion into her back, pressing my hips into her ass with each movement to her shoulders. My cock was throbbing now, and her cooing was driving me crazy. I took a finger and ran it along her crack, down to her pussy. It was so wet and inviting........she got up on her haunches and pressed back into me.......

I grabbed her hips with my hands and began to rub my cock up and down her crack. In spite of the air conditioning, peeping clips was beginning to sweat. Animal passion was building inside me. I found out it was shit eat piss pics in Michelle as well, when she grabbed my cock with her hand and placed it right over the opening of her sweet asshole..........

I didn't need anymore hints I drove it all the way in. Slowly, but all the way. It slipped in so easily, helped the pissing game the lotion, our sweat, and her juices. She moaned loudly as I entered her again. It was tampon pissing photos as deep,and a bit faster........her moans took on a deeper tone as I began to thrust quicker and harder......the room filled with sounds of slapping flesh, animistic moans and groans, and heavy breathing.......

My sweat was dripping all over her back and ass now...the bed was creaking in protest and the headboard was banging against the wall....Michelle writhed underneath me, taking every one of my thrusts urinating in front of a female hungrily..........That feeling came over me once again, that feeling of unbridled passion mixed with incredible orgasm was building to heights I had yet to experience......sweat was flying off of me all over the place.....

Michelle looked back at me, and the expression of pain and pleasure that she wore set off the most intense orgasm I ever had. I rubbed her clit hard and fast while I had my ejaculating hillary peeing buried far up her ass...I had to make her come, make her feel the passion that was coursing through my body.......

I collapsed on her just as she shouted out, curses flying out of her mouth as her body gave in to the stimulation I was giving her clit. In a moment, her legs gave out as well, and we lay on the bed spent, but deliriously happy. And we haven't been here for even three hours yet...........